Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where I'm Coming From

Hey ya'll.  Before I start this journey I'd like to thank ya'll for stumbling across my page in which ever way it happened. 

I grew up in a hard-working Mexican-American home in Floresville, TX right outside San Antonio.  No one has ever heard of it unless you've heard of Promised Land Dairy Milk.  My mother cooked from time to time but only had a few go to recipes.  I never showed any interest in cooking and she didn't show any interest in teaching me.  My father also cooked and he loved to experiment.  I remember we would come home from school and he would have a nice treat waiting for us.  To this day he calls me with some new recipe he has tried.

Growing up I was very involved in school and sports.  My grandmother would tell me I needed to learn to cook.  I always dismissed her.  My family would tell me, "How are you going to cook for your husband?"  I would answer by saying, "I'm going to marry a man that knows how to cook so I don't have to!"  I really never wanted to learn to cook.  I've burned toast, messed up Hamburger Helper, and more.  Even when I would try to make something and would follow the directions, it still would not come out right.  So I gave up.  I said, "Forget it!  I give up."

So I went through my teens and 20s never cooking a thing.  I thought cooking was the most difficult thing ever and was not the least bit interested.  That was until I met a certain man who cooked me dinner on our first date.  I was intrigued to say the least.  I had finally met a man who could cook!  Needless to say he became my husband and little by little I would join him in the kitchen.  It was our favorite thing to do together and in no time,  I was the better cook.  Although he would argue different. 

In this blog I plan to share my experiences with food with you as far as cooking, eating, and reviewing local restaurants and hopefully help you find your inner chef! 

Please enjoy, comment, and share any recipes...

Say it with me...(Vah-Neh)...lol

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